"Our commitment is to comprehensively defend the interests of our clients in the legal matters they face."

Dr. Adriano Hermida Maia, lawyer and founding partner of the firm, is a highly qualified and experienced professional in the field of law. With a solid academic background in Law and Accounting, as well as specializations in Civil Procedure, Labor Law, Labor Procedure, Digital Law, and Forensics in Virtual Crimes, along with an MBA in Accounting and Tax Law with an emphasis on tax risk, he is recognized as a renowned specialist.

As the author of the "Overindebted Manual" series, which includes several works addressing topics related to overindebtedness, and serving as a lecturer in higher education, Dr. Adriano Hermida Maia demonstrates his commitment to providing comprehensive educational resources on this subject. Furthermore, as a sought-after speaker, he shares his vast knowledge and experience with diverse audiences, enriching the discourse on legal and financial issues.

Com mais de uma década de atuação em Processos Eletrônicos e vasta experiência nas áreas de Direito Digital, Tributário e superendividamento, ele é uma referência nesse campo. 

Our team, led by Dr. Adriano, is dedicated to comprehensively defending the interests of our clients in the legal matters they face, ensuring high-quality service and professional competence in all areas of law in which we operate.

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